New Website Launched!

Hello Folks, I hope that you are continuing to enjoy my website, It is designed to keep you informed about my performances, a few blogs, here-and-there, a calender of events, performances dates, photo's of me and my fellow musicians, video shots, and most importantly, you can listen to my works online. If you like, you may purchase an entire CD on line and download it to your MP3 or you can select whatever track you want to purchase. I also have provided you an option. If you want to purchase the physical complete CD, you may do that too.

I hope you make plans visiting me on my website. This is the launch of my site and as I move along, I will be adding and revising things for your interest. There will be post comments about some of my performances and recording projects. There will be other newsy items of interest as I make way on my journey playing music that I love---jazz!

Stay tuned and enjoy!

Armand Boatman

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